Identify the perpetrator using crypto-analysis.

By analyzing crypto-addresses, it is possible to reconstruct the sequence of transactions and identify the perpetrator. It can be determined if the address has any connections to criminal offenses.


Expert in tracking crypto transactions for the entire federal territory for the police department.


Contacts with the FIU (financial investigation unit), investigative authorities and crypto companies.


officially certified by Chainalysis.


Experience as a financial investigator with the police.

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Crypto investigations as a service

Cryptocurrencies are commonly used as a means for committing money laundering-related crimes. Thanks to the public blockchain, transactions can be tracked. The real identities of individuals are stored by so-called exchanges due to KYC guidelines and can be requested by criminal authorities. We offer professional transaction tracking and suspect identification, allowing compliance guidelines to be followed. Law firms and IT security companies can offer their clients the identification of the perpetrator and the recovery of funds. Through our report, the prosecutor’s office is able to freeze existing cryptocurrencies at exchanges and initiate asset forfeiture.

Our Services

With our expertise in transactional analysis of crypto assets, we offer various services. Our core element is the analysis of transactions in the blockchain. Through this, we can not only shed light on the course of events, but also identify the perpetrator. 

Compliance for crypto companies

Let crypto transactions be analyzed by the professionals. We investigate whether the address has links to crimes and prepare a professional report.

Compliance for banks

Trading in cryptocurrencies is subject to very strict rules and reporting requirements. We analyze transactions for you and prepare an professional report which you can use for the FIU or law enforcement agencies


Bitcoin payments are extorted in ransomeware attacks, blackmail or various hacks. We produce an expert report that can be used in court, in which we depict the payment flow and identify the perpetrator for your customers.

Support for investigative authorities

Law enforcement agencies rely on our expertise. Through crypto-analysis, we are able to clearly depict the sequence of events and identify the perpetrator.

Support law firms

In investment fraud or cyber trading, victims are often cheated out of several thousand euros. Identifying the perpetrator is not easily done. With our software, we identify the perpetrator and produce a court-admissible report for you.


We offer consulting for crypto asset tracking.


I have worked as a police officer in the field of financial investigation for several years. I have been responsible for over 100 investigations in the field of crypto-transaction tracking. As a financial investigator, I have already secured funds in the millions together with the prosecution. The investigations mainly targeted groups of perpetrators involved in investment fraud, cyber trading, ransomware, sextortion, phishing attacks and data espionage.

I am officially certified by Chainalysis and have already produced over 100 reports for the judiciary. I have also worked with several crypto-exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi, etc. and made requests for the transmission of KYC data.

From the detailed analysis of transactions and Bitcoin addresses, investigative work with the police to the identification of the perpetrator and the court-admissible representation of all evidence, I have already carried out all steps multiple times.

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Our collaboration

  • Sending information

    For the analysis of a transaction, the involved crypto-addresses and the transaction ID's are needed. Under certain circumstances, additional information about the perpetrator's approach may be required.

  • Transaction analysis using Chainalysis

    Using the market leading software Chainalysis, the Bitcoin addresses are analyzed. A transaction graph is constructed to trace the entire transaction.

  • Preparation of an expert opinion admissible in court

    Using the graph, an expert opinion admissible in court with specific investigative steps is prepared. Recommendations for requests to involved crypto-exchanges are given. The prosecutor's office and law enforcement agencies can use this expert opinion to make inquiries with the exchanges and find out the real identities of the perpetrators.

  • Accompaniment of the criminal proceedings

    We accompany the proceedings until the end. We are available for consultation at any time.

The Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) requires that financial institutions and service providers that exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies must immediately report any suspicion of money laundering.

Whether a crypto address can be associated with money laundering-related offenses can only be determined by a transaction analysis. With the software Chainalysis, this connection can be represented.

We offer transaction analysis using the world-leading software „Chainalysis.“

You can outsource this area completely to us. This not only saves you the cost of employees and training, but also the license costs for using the software.

Cybertrading and investment fraud are among the fraud crimes that cause the most damage. The victims believe they are investing in Bitcoin. They were deceived by a fraudulent network of internationally operating criminals.

Usually, the crypto-funds are forwarded through a long transaction chain to an exchange in order to exchange the cryptocurrencies back into fiat currency (real money).

Exchanges collect real identities of their users due to the KYC (Know your Customer) obligations.

We can use transaction analysis to identify these exchanges and thus identify the perpetrators. The prosecutor’s office can use our reports to request that the exchanges freeze the account and freeze the funds.

Subsequently, asset forfeiture measures can be taken by the prosecutor’s office to return the funds to the victims.

With our help, offer your customers the possibility to get their money back.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more importance in IT security. Criminal groups are using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to extort money anonymously and obscure transactions. This is done through ransomware attacks, phishing or hacking of wallets.

With our help, you can offer your customers the recovery of their funds and the identification of the perpetrators. We will assist you in criminal prosecution and be available for consultation.

You will receive a report from us that presents the sequence of events and the transaction path admissible in court.